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A Boutique Seed Investment Fund
DSCN Capital is a boutique seed investment fund focusing on early stage start-ups. We were founded in 2015 with the goal of helping promising companies with solid management teams along the path of growth and expansion. What makes DSCN Capital unique is that all of our principals have been successful with their own start-ups which allows us to give back and invest in others. We don’t sit on the sidelines. We bring our real-world experience to the table and take a hands-on approach with our portfolio companies. 
Along with our mentorship and guidance, DSCN Capital provides tangible value through our own strategic partnerships and personal connections. Portfolio companies can take advantage of athlete and celebrity sponsorships, introductions to best-fit legal services, access to manufacturing and device production, relationships with national chains and distributors and proprietary sales avenues. We also offer expert marketing services to assist with customer acquisition and conversion rate optimization, press-related needs and social media.


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Custom Clothiers

Astor & Black is a true custom clothier. We are intensely focused on delivering your natural fit through our comprehensive 28-Point Fit Profile and fitting process that’s done at your home or office with your Professional Clothier. Our Master Tailors then review each set of new customer measurements and create your unique customer template, which is centrally stored and adjusted for all future orders. Each suit is hand cut, then sewn together according to our strict quality standards and delivered to you in person by your Professional Clothier.

Acquired by Castanea Partners in March 2011

BacterioScan, Inc. is a medical device company dedicated to changing the way infectious disease is diagnosed and treated. We are driven by a fundamental desire to ensure the successful use of antibiotics.

Moving and Delivery On-Demand

Buddytruk matches people who have something to move with “buddies” (movers) who have the right size trucks. Serving both the B2C space and the B2B space, we are disrupting the moving industry.

Car Rentals for FHV

Dryve is a Car rental and leasing company exclusively for FHV (for-hire vehicles, i.e. Uber, Lyft).

A Smart Bike Lock Designed For The Future.

Ellipse is building the future of sustainable transit — a flexible and decentralized system that can scale faster and cheaper than today’s centralized hubs. Through a combination of smart hardware, and secure bikeshare app, the fleet will provide a dependable, convenient, and low cost way for people to commute. Ellipse is capitalizing on the ever-expanding appeal of on-demand services and provides a seamless one-way bikeshare experience.

Daily Deals On Luxury Eyewear

Eyedictive is a daily-deals site focusing exclusively on sunglasses and other eyewear. Only the finest luxury brands are featured and are between 60-80% off retail.

Crafting the Future of Healthy Eating

Farm Hill is crafting the future of healthy eating. We prepare and deliver wholesome, healthy ready-to-eat meals to individuals and groups. With premium ingredients, gourmet preparations, and hearty portions, Farm Hill makes it easy and enjoyable to eat healthy.

Elevated College Apparel

HillFlint manufactures college apparel for those looking for something more sophisticated than a hoodie. We sell high quality knit logo and name sweaters plus accessories – mementos to keep forever.

A Digital Media Gate Security System. You're Welcome.

Impax Media’s 100% turnkey solution with no capital investment required by retailers, provides gates to secure checkout lanes with attached digital screens “capturing” customers at the register (or Point of Wait).

Wherever you’re headed, count on Lyft for rides in minutes. The Lyft app matches you with local drivers at the tap of a button. Just request and go.

Computers That Cook

Mellow makes computers that cook: set up your Mellow in the morning, tell it what to cook, and come home to Michelin-level food.

The Next Evolution of the Men's Dress Shirt

Mizzen+Main has broken the chains of your wardrobe by combining the comfort of your favorite athletic gear with the fit of a custom dress shirt and the style of a Kennedy. Our mission of disruption has made us a star in the apparel industry and popular with professional athletes.

The Future of Board Sports

Future Motion is a pioneering new entrant to the boardsports world. Future Motion is committed to designing and developing inspiring vehicles that include both elegant form and unprecedented function. “Future Motion’s first product, Onewheel, exemplifies its dedication to crafting products that bridge recreation and transportation.

Discover and Save Creative Ideas

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests.

The Always-On Second Screen

popSLATE has pioneered the always-on second screen for you smartphone. We transform the wasted space on back of your phone into a 24/7 showcase for images and information. With popSLATE, you can access valuable information with a simple glance (streaming news headlines & sports scores, to-do-lists, boarding passes, and much more) and customize your phone on the fly with your favorite images from your camera, photo library, Instagram, and a worldwide community of popSLATE users.

Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Door In Minutes

Radish delivers on-demand chef-prepared cuisine to the Chicago area. We focus on locally-sourced seasonal ingredients and grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free meats. The ordered hot foods arrive hot and cold foods arrive cold within 20 minutes from your app order.

Consumer Electronics

SHARKK is a consumer electronics brand by the people, for the people. The insights we get from our growing community of savvy shoppers are at the core of our well-designed, high-performing products, tailored to your modern lifestyle. By focusing on the consumer, we make it our mission to maintain the highest standards of a premium-product experience – without the premium price tag.

Building Stronger Attorney-Client Relationships

Viewabill will revolutionize the professional billing industry’s outdated, opaque practices by providing a transparent, seamless product that lets clients know where their money is being spent in real-time. It gives control over “billable hours” back to the client, increases accuracy and incentivizes service providers to keep current billing and performance updates. Available via web and mobile applications, clients now can access their bills anytime, anywhere.

Acquired by Mitratech March 2016

E-commerce Reimagined

ViralStyle provides sellers with the tools and support to build their own brands. Make a design, choose the materials, create campaigns and realize the revenue.

In-Vehicle Ad Network

Vugo is an in-vehicle ad network connecting rideshare drivers and advertisers together to display relevant interactive content and advertisements to passengers. Vugo’s TripIntent technology lets advertisers target passengers on several factors including destination, pay for verified views through a market-based bidding platform, and review comprehensive analytics for each campaign.

The Smallest, Simplest and Most Versatile Tracking Module

WeBandz trackers are equipped with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Wear 1100 processor and CSR102x Bluetooth® Smart 4.2. Being small in size, the devices can be attached to a child’s bracelet, a dog’s collar, and a dongle on a backpack.

The Team

We are the three investors that comprise the DSCN Capital team. We have a combined 40 years in the start-up space. To learn more about DSCN, please send an email to ap@dscncapital.com.
David Schottenstein

David started his first company, Astor and Black, at age 20. He led it to successful acquisition for $50M at age 27 as the sole shareholder and operator. He then founded his second company, Viewabill, a game changing billing solution for legal firms borne out of his own experience dealing with law firms. He led Viewabill to a successful transaction and acquisition by Mitratech in March of 2016.

He is an Inc. 30 Under 30 winner, an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award winner and recipient of many other similar awards and recognitions. David currently lives in Miami with his wife and four children. He is an avid philanthropist and speaker on child abuse prevention.

Ben Nash

Ben Nash began his career in the wireless industry while still a yeshiva student. He collected cell phones that were no longer in use, refurbished them and then took them back to market. Eventually, he dropped out of school and founded PCS Wireless.

Today, PCS Wireless is the market leader in their space and does over $1B in annual sales. Ben Nash currently lives in New York.

Eli Nash

As Founder and President of JEG & Sons, Inc., Eli Nash offers almost a decade of marketing and fulfillment expertise. Eli has driven outstanding sales growth through capitalizing on the disruptive innovation of the unlocked cell phone and building synergistic relationships with corporate business partners.

Recognized by business partners and colleagues as a consummate professional with a high degree of personal integrity, Eli is known for negotiating resourceful win-win business solutions. He currently resides in Miami. Active in the community and a generous donor, Eli supports such causes as education, prevention of child sexual abuse, and the local south Florida community.


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