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PopSlate Adds Always-On Second Screen For iPhone 6


When I first heard of PopSlate’s protective case, my initial knee-jerk reaction was: why would I need a second screen on the back of my phone?

Well, after a few months using it, I finally know why: because it’s actually really really useful! I used that additional screen, which is always-on and doesn’t consume the smartphone’s battery, to instantly display information like my calendar, my boarding pass, a map or an image, be it a wallpaper, a logo or some family pictures.

The key benefits I see using the PopSlate case are:

    • instant access to my information vs. having to unlock the phone, tap to launch the application and look for that information
    • the second screen is a black and white anti-glare E Ink paper display – like the Kindle – that is perfectly visible outdoor, in bright sunlight
    • and, it’s powered by it’s own battery saving the iPhone’s which never lasted me a day’s work – and often much less than that – without a quick recharge

“PopSlate was born from two key epiphanies: the first was the realization that the average consumer unlocks the phone 150 times per day, mainly to access single pieces of information, which quickly drains battery and wastes time; the second was that the back of the phone was completely untapped, ubiquitous and extremely large real estate,” explained Yashar Behzadi, the CEO and Founder of PopSlate.

Pros: Useful and Cool

Aside from its evident utility, the additional screen automatically did put me in the ‘cool person’ category as people around me were curious – and some really in ‘awe’ – about the PopSlate functionality. Not an easy feat for a greying middle-aged male like myself!

Using the PopSlate was straightforward. Download the free app, pair the case using Bluetooth with the iPhone 6 – the only case size available today -, ‘pop’ i.e. wirelessly send images (screenshots, photos, wallpaper…) to the device, snap the PopSlate in the back of the phone, and voila! The case has just one button, to turn the device on and rotates between the stored images  – just 8 total though.

Article Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeanbaptiste/2015/07/01/popslate-case-adds-always-on-second-screen-for-iphone-6/#2715e4857a0b6ee892f943e0